The Managing Authority

The South Aegean Region’s Managing Authority (MA) is the pertinent Service for managing the South Aegean Operational Programme. It derived from the renaming of the Intermediate Managing Authority (that had been set up in 2008 by the 9775/ΕΥΣ 1130 Common Ministerial Decision), according to the Law 4314, article 7/23.12.2014 (Gov. 265). Essentially, it concerns the Service which overtime had the responsibility to manage the Programmes that had to do with the South Aegean Region (Crete & South Aegean Operational Programme 2007–2013, Regional Operational Programme 2000–2006 and before that the South Aegean Regional Operational Programme 1994–1999, as Monitoring Committee’s Secretariat). In 2018 the Ministerial Decision was modified by the Decision 49056/ΕΥΘΥ -Authority for Institutional Support-367/08.05.2018 (Government Gazzette 1645/11.05.2018). Administratively, it is undergoing directly to the Regional Governor.

The Service is located in Ermoupolis, Syros (Saki Karagiorga 22 street, 841 00), where the South Aegean Region’s Headquarters is, while at the same time it owns an office in Rhodes (Eleutherias Square, 851 00), for supporting the Local Government Organizations and the rest of the projects’ implementing bodies.

The South Aegean MA consists of 4 Units with distinct responsibilities:

  • Unit A’ – Programming and Evaluating
  • Unit B1’ – Managing South Aegean’s OP 2014–2020 Priority Axis Projects
  • Unit B2’ – Managing South Aegean’s OP 2014–2020 Priority Axis Projects and Projects that are delegated to the South Aegean MA by other Operational Programmes
  • Unit C’ – Organizing and Supporting.

According to its forming Decision, the MA is composed of 40 employees, 31 university’s educational level, 6 of technological educational level and 3 of secondary education. MA’s employees come either from Organization and Managing Unit, either they are public servants that move from other Public Services.  Furthermore, secondary educational level’s Intermediate Managing Authority’s employees have been hired.

At the following employees chart contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed. In case you do not know with who to contact with, contact with the secretariat.